Saturday, 28 November 2009

Leah Goldberg, (I think thats how you spell her name), is a well known Israeli poet. Ahinoam Nini, (yet againe, not sure how to spell her name), composed and recorded a song. It is called "Ilanot". Only people that have spent time abroud will understand it. The feeling of beeing tourn between two homelands. I was born in london and imigrated to Israel at a very young age. After finishing my militery service, wich is a MUST here in the holy land, I decided to go back. Only for one year. i ended up staying six years. I discoverd my self out ther, and now, 4 yeaes later, I can proudly say, thoes were the best days of my life. I realised that life can be diffrent. That life can be lived in such harmony, and yes life can be easyer. But still, with all of the financial comfort, and with options and abbilities, that i would never have here in Isreal, ther was something missing. Something i can't describe in words. I was happy. i was very happy, but it seemed that life in London, was temporary. That life out ther was lived on borowed time......time that wasn't mine. I came back to israel 6 years later, and 2 days after regreted it. I still do. I hate the hot weather, and here in Israel it is always hot, I hate Israely mentalety, and most people over here are israely, and yes I hate the israely parts of me that only now i am starting to accept. Ther was one thing missing in London and now i know what it was. HOME. The feeling of beeing at home. You can only have that feeling here. i suppose I will gradually addaped my self to the Israely way of living. Gradually accept the way things work out here, because this is definetly a uniqe contry, and we are uniqe people, and all we realy have to do is fined away to live our uniqe way of life.